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Buying a property in Portugal

Buying property in Portugal; a smart and safe investment. When looking at your savings account, you know it: the interest on your savings is no longer profitable. If you want to get the real Return On Investment (ROI), investing in a property in Portugal is a good and effective alternative, especially now!


Attractive property prices


Since 2008, the prices of properties in Portugal have been reduced every year, but the last half year we see the property market getting stabalised. Portugal has implemented some great measures – such as the Golden Visa and not levying tax on pensions for new residents – which makes it very interesting for people inside and outside Europe to invest in Portugal in a villa, apartment, plot or a business. New nationalities invest more and more in Portuguese real estate, making the stock of available homes rapidly diminishing. Possibly that means that prices will rise again in the nearby future. Therefore now is the right time to invest and purchase your property, second home or investment in Portugal. 


Little interest on savings


That savings have less and less interest is the result of the policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). Because banks have to pay as little interest on the money lent at the ECB, they do not depent on the savings of individuals. At most banks in European countries the interest on savings thereby is at this moment on a historic low figure of 1 percent or even lower. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany but as well in Denmark, Spain and Sweden we hardly get any interest on our money. 


Return on investment (ROI)


The alternative of buying a property in Portugal is much more attractive: relax in the sun while enjoying your overseas home yourself and for the weeks you are in your country of residence you can rent the property and make return on your investment. The purchase of a home in sun exposure on an annual basis and all the cheap airline tickets from several airports offer daily charter flights as Portugal is a popular destination for a holiday.


Living with unobstructed views


Building in Portugal comes with strict regulations to always keep a good eye on the nature of the country. High-rise buildings are not allowed, with the exception of a few cities (Portimao, Faro, Armacão de Pêra). In many other places, you will enjoy a home with unobstructed views.


Welcoming and cheap


Not only we think that Portugal is the most beautiful country in the world, it became in 2014 twice named as best country to visit by the Spanish edition of Condé Nast Traveler and by Rough Guides, an authority on travel guides. Portugal was celebrated for its culture, gastronomy, the fine wines, the beaches, the history, the variation in the landscape and, above all, the hospitality of the Portuguese population. For tourists and (second) home owners living in Portugal is cheap. A typical Portuguese dish of the day you can enjoy in several restaurants starting at 5 euros. Of course, luxury dining is possible as well.


In short, with the purchase of a home in Portugal you not only make the most of your savings, but you also enjoy all the good things that the Portuguese life has to offer!


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