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What is Golden Visa? 

New legal provisions provide the possibility for those who pursue investment activities in Portugal to apply for a Residence Permit, for example those who transfer capital, create jobs or acquire Real Estate. 


The holders of a Golden Residence Permit for the purposes of investment activity have the right to family regrouping, and may gain access to a permanent residence permit, as well as to Portuguese citizenship in accordance with the current legal provisions. 


Who may apply? 


Citizens involved in an investment activity, either individually or through a company conducting, at least, one of the following operations in the Portuguese territory, for a minium period of 5 (five) years: 

1. Acquisition of Real Estate with a value equal to or above € 500.000 (five hundred thousand euros). 

2. Capital transfer with a value equal to or above € 1.000.000 (one million euros). 

3. Creation of, at least, 10 job positions. 


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