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Privacy Policy

On this page, you will find the privacy policy of Divine Home.

Who are we? 

Divine Home is an officially Portuguese registered estate agency, being registered with the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Faro as Sublimematriz Mediação Imobiliária Unipessoal Lda, with fiscal number 513635408. Our offices are located in São Brás de Alportel, Albufeira and Moncarapacho in the Algarve, Portugal. Besides the offices in Portugal, we also have an office in the Netherlands, registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as Estate Unlimited B.V. with number 24479968. Further we use our name Divine Home.

Divine Home is here to help you sell or find your dream home and/or investment. Your privacy is of great importance to us, as a result of which Divine Home complies in all cases with the applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. In this privacy policy we provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data.

We promise that:

  • we are transparent about the way and the purposes for which we process your personal data

  • we do not store your personal data longer than needed 

  • we do not provide your personal data unless you have given your consent

  • we use appropriate techniques to protect your personal data

  • we give you have a high level of control over your own personal data

  • we are available if you want to communicate with us about your privacy at Divine Home

For whom does this privacy policy apply?

Personal details of sellers / (prospective) buyers / house hunters / employees and third parties (for example suppliers) are processed by Divine Home for the following objective (s):

  • Administrative purposes;

  • Communication about an assignment

  • Communication about an invitation  

  • Implementing or issuing an assignment.

The basis for this personal information is:

  • The agreed assignment;

  • Maintaining professional contact in the context of a property to be sold/to be bought;

  • Keeping up to date with property and real estate information 

  • To call or e-mail if necessary to carry out our services.

Your personal data will be stored by Divine Home for the aforementioned processing (s) for the period during the term of the agreement or as long as a person has been registered as a house hunter or for the time a person is subscribed to receive newsletters and updates and after that only in the financial administration for a maximum of 7 years (including invoices).

Personal data of our house hunter database is processed by Divine Home for the purpose of informing the person about the properties by means of e-mail. Your personal data will be stored by Divine Home for the period that you are registered as house hunter. The home seeker has the right to request for his or her personal data to be viewed, modified or removed. For this you can contact Divine Home (

Personal data of employees are processed by Divine Home for the execution of the employment contract. The basis for this personal data is the employment contract. These personal data are stored by Divine Home for the above mentioned processing (s) for the duration of the employment contract and thereafter only in the financial administration.


For which purposes does Divine Home process personal data?

It is necessary to process personal data in order to offer and improve our services, and to keep our website safe, fast and always available. It is also necessary to process personal data in order for our customer contact to proceed smoothly. We also use your personal data for marketing purposes.


Which personal data does Divine Home process?

Divine Home processes the following personal data from you:

  • Personal data that you use to create an account, such as e-mail address and password

  • Personal data with which you optionally enrich your account, such as name, gender, date of birth 

  • Personal information that facilitates your search, such as the objects you store and the comments you save with an object

  • Personal data that you give us to provide you with a service, such as a contact request, enquiry or your financial data if you use paid services on the website

  • Automatically generated personal data, such as IP addresses, browser data and search behavior

  • Feedback information, such as personal data that you enter on feedback forms relating to our website or our services

  • Customer contact information, such as e-mails you send

  • Object data, so far as it can be traced back to an individual


How does Divine Home handle personal data?

The majority of the personal information we have available is provided by you as a visitor to Divine Home itself. This happens, for example, when you create an account, send a contact request or request property data for housing.

In addition, Divine Home processes automatically generated information, such as click behavior on our website, your IP address and browser data. This takes place with the help of cookies or similar techniques (for more information, see our cookie policy).

Object data, such as photographs, address details and other characteristics of a property that is for sale, also qualifies Divine Home as personal data insofar as these can be traced back to an individual. It is also possible that a friend, family member or other acquaintance gives your e-mail address to Divine Home, so that we can draw your attention to an object.


Why does Divine Home process personal data?

There are various legal bases for the processing of personal data. Divine Home processes personal data in order to prepare and execute an agreement, on the basis of permission or to comply with a statutory duty. We may also have a legitimate interest in processing. This is the case, for example, if we use the personal data to improve our website and the services we offer on it, for the benefit of our customer contact, or if we use the personal data to make the website safer and more reliable, or for marketing purposes. For marketing purposes we mean (market) analyzes, sending newsletters, targeted advertisements and other content and profiling.

Often you will give us personal data to purchase a service, such as: to be able to search for a property with an account or to come into contact with one of our brokers. We then process your personal data in the first place to provide the requested service. In addition, we process this personal data to improve our services, for marketing purposes or for the security of our system. In other words: because we have a legitimate interest in this.

We process object data at Divine Home in the first place to implement the agreement and the requested service. In addition, we have a legitimate interest in the further processing of these object data, because it allows us to better perform our services and our marketing.

We also process automatically generated personal data, such as search behavior, browser data and IP addresses, in order to be able to deliver and improve our services and to improve customer contact and our marketing.

We process customer contact data first and foremost to ensure that our customer contact runs smoothly, as well as to improve our services and thus to implement our agreement and also on the grounds of legitimate interest.

If you give us feedback or report something, Divine Home has a legitimate interest in processing your data, because it allows us to improve our services.

We process all personal data mentioned above in order to generate statistics and determine categories so that we can improve our services, improve our security and carry out more targeted marketing. We therefore have a legitimate interest in this.

For a select group of personal data, we also (process) it because we are legally obliged to do so. This concerns, for example, data that is used for invoicing and data with which we record that you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us.


How long is personal data stored?

We only retain your personal data as long as we need them for the purpose for which we process them, to serve you optimally or to comply with our legal obligations.

We use the following criteria when determining the retention periods:

  • If you use our services, such as creating an account, we will retain your personal data as long as we need them to provide and improve that service. Or until the moment you want to have them removed.

  • If you have given permission to receive e-mails, we will retain your personal data until you withdraw it. Once you do so, Divine Home will still retain personal data that is required to show when you have given your consent and when you have withdrawn it.

  • We keep financial information such as invoices for as long as we are legally obliged to do so.

Object data is shown on our website maximum up to 1 year after the date on which the item was sold. We retain object data for as long as we need them to deliver and improve our services and as long as we are required by law.

If cookies or similar techniques are placed on your computer, we will show the storage period of this in our cookie policy. 

With whom does Divine Home share personal data?

We never sell personal data to third parties. However, we work together with third parties to implement and improve our services. We use a third party for:

  • taking care of a secure internet connection

  • taking care of a secure ICT environment

  • taking care of a (financial) administration

  • taking care of marketing communications

  • scheduling visits with other brokers

  • providing legal support by a Portuguese lawyer

  • the transport of sold houses at the notary

We share (a part of) your personal data with the aforementioned parties.

Divine Home publishes object data on its own website. In addition, Divine Home sends object data to the visitor via e-mail or push notification if they fit within the search criteria. We also share object data via our social media channels. A visitor also has the opportunity to share objects on social media, via e-mail or via the website. This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that are connected by means of links.

What are your rights?

If you subscribe to a Divine Home newsletter and you no longer wish to receive it, you can always unsubscribe by clicking unsubscribe in a newsletter.

You can easily remove or block cookies and similar techniques yourself. See our cookie policy.

If you make a request that relates to how we handle your personal data, we can always ask you to identify you. If you send a copy of your passport or other ID proof for that purpose, we ask you to make your passport photo and BSN number unreadable.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have any questions or comments about privacy at Divine Home? Do you disagree with the fact that or the way in which Divine Home processes personal data from you? Or would you like to get in contact with Divine Home about our privacy policy? Send an e-mail to and we reply quickly to you. We take all questions, comments and requests seriously. 

This privacy policy has been changed on November 2018.

Divine Home reserves the right to change this privacy policy and advises you to check this page regularly.