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What does daily life in Portugal?

What does daily life in Portugal?

If you buy a house in Portugal, whether to live there permanently or for a holiday, you will also get to do with the cost of daily life in the southern European country. How cheap or expensive is it to live in Portugal? What are you paying for your groceries from the supermarket? How much money have you lost if you order a drink on a terrace? And what does it cost to eat at a restaurant in Portugal?


The website makes useful lists of what everyday life in different countries

costs. The Cost of Living Index calculates the cost of consumer goods by country,

groceries, museum visit and transport. Portugal takes on the Cost of Living Index 2015

place in the middle bracket. Life in Portugal is just slightly more beneficial than in Spain or Greece, and

even a lot cheaper than in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France or the Scandinavian countries.


Groceries from the supermarket

Also in the Groceries Index, which looks only to the daily shopping, Portugal there with jumps

a place in the middle bracket. Bread, fruit and vegetables are usually not expensive. Do your shopping

you not only in the supermarket – in Portuguese supermercado – but also on the market. Almost every

town and city in Portugal has its own market, where you often can buy regional products

for small prices.


A drink on the terrace

Portugal is known for its strong coffee culture. How small a village is, it always has

a private pastel aria: a room where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee with usually a

deliciously sweet cake. Do not be alarmed by the account: it is so cheap here.

Do you want to later in the day on a terrace in the Sun enjoy a nice cold drink? Also then you

not a lot of money. According to the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer 2015, which the Algarve as the

most economical Beach destination of Europe consider, you pay for a bottle of beer or coke

about 1.15 euros and for a glass of wine around 1,75 euro.


Eating out in Portugal

Eating at a restaurant in Portugal is not that much more expensive than the possibility to cook. Also the Portuguese itself

regularly go out to dinner. In many restaurants you can the prato do dia, the inexpensive daily menu,

ordering. But you can also taste the delicious fish and meat dishes where the Portuguese

kitchen is famous for, such as at the local residents so beloved cod. According to the website does a three-course meal for two people in an average restaurant

currently 30 euro. However, in the typical Portuguese restaurants the "prato do dia" already available from € 4.50 a € 6.50 for a main course. A drink and a dessert there and you can have delicious eaten for a tenner. In Portugal the tip not forget: it is in Portugal common to prefill a tip of about 10 percent of the Bill.