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Portugal is in the top 3 safest countries in the world!

Portugal is in the top 3 of the 2019 Global Peace Index, the ranking of the safest countries in the world. Portugal is beaten only by Iceland and New Zealand on this list of the safest countries, and is ranked far higher than neighbouring countries such as Spain and France.



Alongside climate, safety is an important deciding factor when choosing a specific country in which to buy a house or holiday home abroad. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your life there, or the holidays that you spend there, in peace.

Portugal has been known for its excellent climate for many years. The sun shines for about 3,000 hours a year in the Algarve, and the warm sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean always feels pleasant on the skin.

But perhaps less well known is that Portugal is also one of the safest countries in the world. This is mainly because the political climate in the country has been stable for years, and crime rates in Portugal are some of the lowest in Europe.


Portugal beats Spain and France

In the Global Peace Index, which is published every year, Portugal rises from fifth to third place in 2019. Meanwhile, neighbouring Spain is ranked 32nd, and France only manages 60th place. Both of these countries have even dropped a few places compared to 2018.


Portugal has the best combination of climate and security

Let's face it: New Zealand, at number 2 on the Global Peace Index, is a pretty distant destination for buying a (second) home, especially if you plan on regularly spending a few days or a week there at a time. This is why we also consider the rankings restricted to countries within Europe - which therefore come with an acceptable traveling distance.

On that list, Portugal is the second-safest country, just after the more isolated Iceland and followed by Austria and Denmark. If we only include countries in southern continental Europe, where the climate is pleasantly sunny all year round, then Portugal is even the safest country, with a considerable lead over its neighbours.


Portugal: friendly and safe

On Facebook, various readers who have previously bought houses in Portugal agree that the country deserves its third-place position in the Global Peace Index. "In my opinion, Portugal is the leader as a peaceful, friendly and safe country to live in", writes one of them. And another: “I moved from Great Britain to Portugal eight years ago and the people here are so calm and friendly. I love Portugal."


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